Why we exist

We believe that great founders are everywhere regardless of background, class or education level.

We exist to bridge the gap between where founders are and the potential of where they could be. We believe that business fundamentals are crucial, beyond the hype and awards, we want to work with founders that are committed to building solid businesses with the potential to scale and grow. At Startup Discovery School it’s our job to ensure that we are creating the conditions that make this possible.

Successful business is a mixture of having a great concept, self motivation, passion and access to networks and support.

We make sure that all founders regardless of their background get access to expert skills, networks and capital. We also believe that diversity is needed to hit the sweet spot in successful business. So we are committing to:

  • 1/3 of our cohort to black founders
  • 1/3 Asian and Minority Ethnics
  • Gender balance
  • All founders will have 100% hustle mentality.

The Team

Mandy Nyarko

Mandy is an innovation consultant who has built various acceleration and incubation programmes across the UK. She has coached and helped raise investment for, over 200 startups who range from sectors such as FMCG, Fintech, Clean tech, bio tech and many more. Her core skills are strategic growth, investment readiness and execution, and operational management. Startups that she has supported have raised over 15M in pre series A investment and turned over 20M plus.

She is venture scout at Ada ventures, a 30M seed stage fund investing in underrepresented founders.

Gosbert Chagula

Gosbert has spent the last 10 years working across the startup ecosystem in both Europe and Africa. Prior to Startup Discovery School, Gosbert worked for Exeter Velocities, a Business Accelerator focused on sustainable solutions to the challenges of urbanisation. Whilst there he worked with more than 40 startups and focused on building and managing a network of early-stage investors.

Gosbert has also worked for the Africa Technology Business Network where he played a key role in launching Her Future Africa, an Accra-based innovation camp focused on enabling innovative solutions to the continent’s challenges and providing access to under-served communities.