We help early stage founders scale their business

Startup Discovery School helps tech and tech enabled founders to get results.

We are an online programme delivered by founders, mentors and investors aimed at enabling first-time founders from all backgrounds to scale their businesses.

Helping founders prove their value before pitching to investors

We believe high-quality founders can be found anywhere, but the skills and networks available to first-time founders aren’t easily accessible.

At Startup discovery school we are disrupting the notion that only the privileged or most well connected can succeed in entrepreneurship.




Our 6-week online course runs in a cohort format with other founders. We’ll provide you with group workshops and 121 strategy sessions.

You’ll focus on developing your business idea and testing it with early customers. During this process, you will be focused on gaining insights that will allow you the chance to develop your product/service and business model.

The incubator is designed to validate proof of concept.

  • Starting out lean
  • Customer Discovery
  • Business Planning lean
  • MVP and Prototype
  • Pitching and Pitch decks
  • After Launch
  • Scalable business idea
  • Ambition to grow the idea
  • Passion and Hustle
  • Coachable founder
  • Not much or any traction achieved yet

Our 12 week programme will provide founders with the support and expert knowledge from experienced entrepreneurs, business growth coaches and investors.

The focus of the programme will be to help founders grow their customer base and prepare for scale. During this process you’ll be testing your business model, testing your customer segments, improving your marketing, and developing your product.

The accelerator is designed to achieve product market fit.

  • Route to market strategy
  • Targets and Business model
  • Building a team
  • Accessing capital
  • Financial growth
  • Product market fit
  • Have tested a business idea and received validation on this idea
  • Have an MVP product/service to address this problem
  • Looking to grow business or gain investment
  • Solo founder or co-founded with no real team
  • At least part-time on the business



Business strategy sessions for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. With a focus on key areas such as business modelling, validating your ideas, route to market strategy, and investment.

Experienced Founder Network

Access to founders who have been in your shoes and will be able to help you to grow by sharing their stories, insights and networks.

Our Community

Access to Finance

Introductions to investment networks and other sources of Start Up finance.

Sector Experts

We connect you to mentors from disciplines that can help you to grow and develop your idea. i.e supply chain, procurement, sales, logistics, business development etc.